Following recent easing of lockdown measures by the Scottish Government and guidance from the Camanachd Association, the coaching team are delighted to announce that with effect from Tuesday 25 August – shinty training will resume for our Youth members, starting with our u14/u17 players on that date. Tuesday training will be from 6.30pm to 8pm. Our Primary players will resume training on Friday 28 August (5.30pm to 7pm) with all training taking place at Silversands Park. Regular weekly training will then recommence from those dates forward with your coach giving you further information in due course via Facebook or TeamApp.

Please note, until we receive approval from the authorities, Senior Training (men and Women) remains on pause at this time, although we are hopeful this will change within a matter of days.

In addition to the above and following the recent player/parent survey, Aberdour Shinty Club will NOT be entering any teams for competitive shinty at any element of youth competition for the remainder of 2020. Whilst there was overwhelming support for a return to training, there is little evidence parents/players wish to play competitive matches. Our coaching staff are in full agreement with that position as the risks of exposure to any asymptomatic opponent, with the resulting requirement for self-isolation etc is too great at this time.

We have agreed however to review our stance of competitive shinty at the end of the year. Our friends within the CSYSA have been informed of this decision with a majority of our fellow competitors in similar agreement.

In order we be permitted to return to training, significant effort has been undertaken to document our Covid-19 compliance requirements. We are pleased to confirm that the Camanachd Association has now approved all our documentation and is satisfied our CV19 procedures are robust enough for us to resume training. Measures taken include the completion of appropriate CV-19 Risk Assessments, assigning a CV-19 Club Cordinator, re-insuring our players/coaching staff, validation of our Covid-19 safe training areas and other related matters.

In advance of attendance at any training session now and going forward – all parents/players are required to adhere to the CV19 training guidance, a copy of which is attached to this notification. Parents/players are advised to print off a copy of the guidance and retain it with your training equipment. Everyone attending training will also be asked for their details for our track/trace regime.

All training will remain outdoors at Silversands until further notice. As light fails in the next few weeks, we will review our training times and explore the potential of outdoor training on weekend days. Further information on that will be forwarded as soon as we have it.

Finally – when you attend training, it will be different. There will be less contact with others and players are required to follow your coach’s instructions AT ALL TIMES.

Let’s ensure we STAY SAFE – but let’s also ensure we get back to ENJOYING OUR SHINTY!!!

Keith Chamberlain,
Club Chair